GTRSSpecialist in sharpening gear cutting tools: hobs, pinion tools, spindles

Precision and control for a quality result

European leader in the field of sharpening and reprofiling of hobs

GTRS - Specialist in sharpening hobs, pinion tools, spindles

GTRS aims to provide its customers with compliant, prepared and optimized tools.

Each tool received is checked before, during and after the various operations.

Each tool is delivered with one or more Klingelnberg, Wenzel, Alicona machine check reports.

Our shuttles: France-Benelux-Spain-Germany pick up and deliver the tools to the machine in 1 week, sharpened and coated.

Our services

hobs, pinion tools, spindles, skiving tools, Hss or carbide


guarantee of optimal quality


Latest Technology


from tool manufacturers


Very short delivery time


to collect and deliver the tools

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