Sharpening + coating

Minimum AA to AAAA Din 3968

HSS hobs mod 0.5 to 45 straight and helical
CW hobs mod 0.5 to 20 straight and helical
HSS and CW pinion tools all straight or helical modules
Hss and cw skiving gear tools for all modules
HSS and Cw spindles up to L3000 mm

All tools are stripped before sharpening to prevent overheating and material removal.

Affutage fraise-mère | GTRS SA Luxembourg
Affutage de fraise-mères, outils pignons et broches par GTRS
Affûtage fraise-mères, outils pignons, broches - GTRS Luxembourg

Updated tool sheet

On each tool, we carry out a laser engraving of a QR Code which makes it possible to obtain at all times the history and the 3D plan of the tool.